If Pink Lady® apples are so unique and generous, it is because they are the result of production excellence and rigorous selection: they have to meet many requirements.

the apples

Once picked, the apples are sent to one of our certified packing stations. They are carefully stored in a dedicated cold store room at a carefully regulated temperature, until they are moved on to the selection stage.

Automated selection

They go through a large scanner that detects apples with major defects. They are then classified by weight and size (legal obligation).

Manual selection

The apples then pass under the watchful eyes and through the trained hands of the professionals who select them.

The sorting lines are slowed down by 30% compared with the speeds used for other apple varieties, in order to ensure a visual control of each apple and to preserve their optimal quality.


They are carefully stored in trays or punnets that you may then find in your local store.


That is when the famous heart sticker is applied, a guarantee of quality.


Pink Lady® apples must comply with specifications based on objective criteria that guarantee optimal quality.

Sugar contentThe source of intense flavours
FirmnessFor a crunchy texture
Proof of maximum sunlight exposure
AspectNo significant defects

quality control

These criteria are checked by an independent inspection body (Bureau Veritas), which makes sure the specifications have been met, and the apples are traceable and of consistent quality.
Every season, over 2,700 batches of apples are tested at random.

food safety

The entire production of Pink Lady® apples meets residue-related food safety criteria that are twice as strict as those imposed by European regulations.

Independent controls of standard health and safety criteria as soon as the apples leave the orchard and in the packing station.
Test results well below the requirements imposed by European and French regulations.
100% of packing stations are certified in terms of fruit food safety (BRC, IFS, etc.).
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